The One Man Shoot was created by Connie Mack Boykin, and is inspired by his memory. When an unexpected diagnosis of prostate cancer changed his life, his reaction was twofold. First, he resolved to fight the disease aggressively, and to explore the evolving options for treatment. Secondly, he hatched an idea with his brother, Michael, and lifelong friend, Randy Hays, to expand his attack on the disease far beyond his own case.

When Connie Mack first learned of his own cancer, it had progressed to Stage 4 and had already spread to other organs. He quickly realized the importance of two phases of prostate cancer treatment. One was the value of early diagnosis to prevent other men from facing challenges like his. And the second was the administration of treatment for advanced cases. Through his own treatment progression and through their research into advanced treatment, Connie Mack, Michael and Randy learned of the promising work being done right here in Louisiana by The Tulane Cancer Center, led by the world-renowned specialist, Dr. Oliver Sartor.

Once they realized the great opportunity available, then the idea of a clay shoot for fundraising developed. Connie Mack immediately and enthusiastically rallied the support of his family, his co-workers and business contacts, and his remarkably wide network of friends, old and new. The first One Man Shoot was held in 2011, and was a huge success. Since then, over $1,000,000 has been raised in his name to defeat prostate cancer.

If you did not have the pleasure of knowing Connie Mack, then you can learn much more about him in our magazines and materials, and from the One Man Shoot family members who did share their lives with him. We have a lifetime of stories and memories, and we are honored to continue his legacy and the fight against prostate cancer through the One Man Shoot.